Cruel Summer, Cruel Leakers

Last week, Kanye West’s highly anticipated album Cruel Summer got released in stores and online. This is West’s first album where he got everyone from his G.O.O.D. Music label together on one album. Being a huge West fan, I was really excited to hear this piece of art, but of course, leave it to the internet to ruin it for me.

A week before it’s release, Cruel Summer got leaked. Now in this day and age, it is very common that albums get leaked online but it really ruins the experience. Not only that, but the listener doesn’t know how authentic the songs are. To avoid album leaks, artists usually release their albums a week early on iTunes and that’s what West should have done!

So, are album leaks all part of the artist’s plan? Well look at it this way, when album leaks do happen it creates a buzz for the artist and the album. Everyone gets an early listen and consumers can decided whether to buy the full album or individual tracks on iTunes. But it also takes away the quality of the music. When it came to Cruel Summer, the leaked version was not mastered and sounded unfinished.

Overall, I think that music labels leak some albums so that they can get people talking about it. It can also go two ways, leaks can help increase CD sales and damage sales. Though leakers do spoil the musical experience when you first buy the album and hear it in its true form.

If you love the artist and/or the album, please go and buy the album!