Apples are Falling From The Tree


Technology moves so fast that it doesn’t matter if you keep making the same beautiful products, you will fall behind. Biggest example, Apple.

Two weeks ago, Apple’s stock went down 12% (biggest fall to date) even though they had one of their best quarters to date. I’ve had the first iPod, switched from BlackBerry Pearl to the iPhone 3G, upgraded to the iPhone 4S, bought a Macbook Pro, and looking to buy an iPad Mini 2 (when released). No I’m not an Apple fanboy, they just knew how to persuade me into buying their products. It’s their style, design, attention to detail, and marketing that makes people buy Apple products. Many people also believed and trusted Steve Jobs’s vision. The biggest question that many people are asking is, can Apple survive post-Steve Jobs?

First of all, not everyone is Steve Jobs, there can only be one. Shareholders now have to put their trust in Tim Cook. In the last Apple conference, I feel like Cook improved a lot. He had more confidence and passion when he was talking. It takes time and patience to lead a powerhouse like Apple.


Second, change the iOS. iPhone sales are down this year because they are not in demand anymore. We first got introduced to the iOS in 2007 and six years later there hasn’t been any drastic changes. The iOS was made to be easy to use for everyone at any age, it’s 2013 and I feel like people are comfortable with smartphones. A big update to the iOS happens once a year when Apple introduces a new iPhone and the last update, iOS 6, wasn’t a game changer. Technology moves fast, so Apple has to stop making small updates in order to be a leader again. This is where Jony Ive comes in. Ive has worked closely with Steve Jobs to design products like the iPhone, iPad and Macbook Air, so I’m excited to see what he will do with the design of the iOS.

Lastly, learn from your customers and competition. My friend has the Google Nexus 4 and when I got my hands on it I completely forgot I had my iPhone on me. The design was sleek and the Android operating system was refreshing and in-depth. I loved how you can customize the notification centre with different widgets and have your Facebook and Twitter open instead of actually opening the app. Love it!

BlackBerry just announced their new line-up of smartphones, the BlackBerry Z10 and the BlackBerry Q10. This was a company who was already suffering a huge loss of customers and shareholders. But when you’re down, the only way to go is up. BlackBerry stopped creating silly phones and just focused on two. They worked on their operating system to make it fast and more user friendly. Even though they designed a full touch phone, they listened to their customers and designed a new smartphone with their classic QWERTY keyboard, the Q10. Both companies have improved over the years and they did it by searching their customers and watching what their competition was doing.

Only time will tell if Apple can keep being a leader in technology. What made me buy the iPhone was the choice of apps, the camera, and most importantly the built-in iPod. What I want now is a revamped iOS 7.

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