55th GRAMMY Awards #TheWorldIsListening Campaign

grammys the world is listening

This year, to help promote the 55th GRAMMY Awards, The Recording Academy teamed up with TBWA, which is a worldwide advertising agency (yes, they have a Toronto location).

#TheWorldIsListening is a social media campaign that helps feature up-and-coming artists. Musicians can upload their record on SoundCloud and share it on Grammy Amplifier. The musician’s track may be tweeted out by iconic artists such as RZA, Linkin Park, and Kelly Clarkson, who are the Amplifier Curators.

sophia bastian grammy amplifier top
sophia bastian grammy amplifier bottom

In order for the emerging musician’s record to get heard it has to get “amplified”. So the musician has to rely on their fans to “amplify with Facebook” or “amplify with Twitter”. The more “amplifications” they get, the more chance the musician has their music heard by top industry professionals. It’s all about the musician using their social networks and connecting with their fans around the world, as well as make new ones.

Last year, the 54th GRAMMY Awards had over 13 million social media comments making it biggest social media event in television history! The hashtag #TheWorldIsListening is a first for The Recording Academy and they are planning to make or brake history once again.

It’s great to see that The Recording Academy are integrating social media more and helping hidden musicians get exposure. It’s all about the fans and I love how we have the power to help our favourite musician get the proper exposure.

Check out my favourite rising musician Sophia Bastian and help her get “amplified!

The 55th GRAMMY Awards will be airing live from Los Angeles on Sunday, February 10, 2013.

(source GRAMMY)

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