A Grand CCPR Four Months at Centennial

A Grand CCPR Four Months at Centennial

I can’t believe four months have already passed by during my time at Centennial College! It feels like just yesterday when I was sitting in the corporate communications and public relations (CCPR) orientation with Barry Waite and a room full of PR hopefuls.

Coming into CCPR, I had knowledge in digital marketing with Roots, XTM Inc., connecting with brands through blogging, and developing relationships with the media. I was looking for a career and applying to PR agencies with no real PR past was a struggle.

I had a vision on where I wanted to go after finishing the program, but after the hardworking four months and PR exposure, my vision is changing. I got exposed to media relations, learning the corporate language of PR, how to properly edit Canadian Press style (#PAOLO), and putting together a charity event with no budget. Yup, all this and much more in just four months! CRAZY!

Some of the highlights of my first four months were:

One Night Kickoff – Girls On The Run Ontario Charity Launch

CPRS Passport to PR

UNIFeist: Feist Album Launch & Tour (four month project)

One Night Kickoff – Girls On The Run Ontario Charity Launch

One Night Kickoff team

I remember in September when my event management teacher said that we had to put together an event for a charity without a budget, I was a little freaked out. I’ve been to events but never thought of actually putting one together. I was put into a group of seven people who had different skills. I wanted to take on the role of media relations because of the contacts that I have made through blogging.

As the months went by I didn’t just end up doing media relations, I also focused on getting donations for our raffle, and helping out with social media. I was finding it really difficult to get donations, but with my teacher and family friend giving me a pep talk, I gained a lot of confidence. From sending out cold emails to walking the streets of Toronto, I was surprised that people wanted to donate. My classmate had experience with media relations, so he showed me ropes on how to contact traditional media. Overall, it was an amazing learning experience at what I will be doing in the near future.

CPRS Passport to PR

I seriously thought my days of going on a field were over after high school. That was until I got an email asking if I wanted to take a tour to different PR agencies around Toronto. Knowing that PR will be my career, the CPRS Passport to PR was great opportunity for me to meet PR professionals and see what it’s like in their day-to-day work. The tour I went on took me to APEX Public Relations, Cision, and Sears.

APEX was everything an agency is described as. They work with fantastic brands like Nike and Levis, go by a work hard and play harder attitude, and come up with creative campaigns. At Cision, I learned about media monitoring and the media database. They also develop blogger relations and see who is an influencer. So when a brand or client comes to Cision, they know who to connect with. Sears was more corporate. They had a traditional way of communicating and they dress very formal (suits and all). When Sears’s communicator was talking, I could pick up the corporate language because of my four months in business and intro to corporate communication class. The CPRS Passport to PR was a great way for me to get to know the difference between agency and corporate PR life.

UNIFeist: Feist Album Launch & Tour (four month project)

Oh boy, I loved project management but it came and went so fast, I just didn’t have time to it in. But during my time in project management, I did remember one project that stood out. In a group of six, my team and I had to create a four-month project for Feist and Unicef. I loved this assignment because I want to work in the music industry! Without going into too much detail, we created an album release party and a full Canadian tour with proceeds going to Unicef. I was in charge of creating a work breakdown structure (WBS). When I was creating the WBS, I had to dissect and see what goes into the tour, the online promotion, and a booklet. It was awesome! I bet you if a music label saw our UNIFeist project, they would hire us!


In these first four months my time at Centennial’s CCPR program has felt like a real life working experience. I can use the assignments and projects that I have completed in my portfolio. I feel like no class is wasted and the teachers are like your bosses/mentors. If I need to work on one thing….. definitely getting my work done ahead of time (all nighters ftw?). HA!

It was a grand opening, now I can’t wait for the grand closing! Show me what you got CCPR!

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