You’ll Love These Social Media Apps!

We all love our traditional Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare apps on our iPhones but I want to introduce you to some other unique and fun social apps. I don’t like to promote or talk about a product or service if I don’t use it so when I talk about the apps below you can actually find my user name.

 Flixel is an iOS app which lets you capture your moments and make them come alive with the touch of your finger. The app basically takes a video of your moment and saves it as an animation (.gif file). By taking your finger, just swipe on the image to pick what you want moving. Like Instagram, you can loop and add different filters to your animated picture. It has a really simple interface which is easy to use. You can sync Flixel with your Twitter, Facebook, and/or Tumblr account so all your friends can see your living photos. Best of all, Flixel is a Toronto based company!

With Instagram you can filter images but with Viddy you can filter video clips! The app lets your record a 15 second video clip or take an existing video and reduce it. Just like Instagram, you can add different filters to your video and use the music it comes with or the audio from the clip. I like the option on how much you want to change the filter. Of course you can share your video on Twitter and Facebook. Viddy already has huge celebrities like Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Snoop Dogg uploading content.

I know people hate to go on Instagram and look at other people’s food and yes, I was one of those Instagramers who did that! Luckily there is an app called Forkly for people who love to show and share what they eat. On Forkly users can check into a restaurant/bar and rates/share what you are eating or drinking off the menu. You can take a picture, add a filter, then write the name of the restaurant or let the app find your location. You can add your opinion in 140 characters and rate the food or drink. It’s a great app for people who love to share their tastes.

Where Foursquare allows users to check in to places, GetGlue is all about checking into your entertainment. The app lets users check-in and share what they are watching on TV, listening to a song or reading a book. When you check-in, you can join a conversation with other people. So lets say you are watching a new episode of New Girl, you can check-in live and talk about the show with other fans. When you have enough stickers, GetGlue will send you a pack of real stickers. Like all the other apps I have mentioned, you can sync GetGlue with Twitter and Facebook. The app is great if you are watching a TV show and want to talk with other fans around the world.

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